Rare earth free permanent magnets for the next generation of wind turbines

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for Wind Turbines

Due to unprecedented growth in global wind energy commitments, the annual demand for rare earth magnets to build wind turbines is expected to more than double between 2020 and 2030. But reliance on this critical input poses many challenges to the industry: rising prices, supply chain instability, negative environmental impact, and long-term availability concerns.

These challenges are expected to intensify as demand for electric cars and other devices that make use of rare earth magnets continues to surge. Within 5 years, rising demand is projected to drive shortages. Turbine manufactures and governments looking to transition to wind need an alternative.

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made with Iron Nitride, enabling next-generation wind turbines without the price, availability, and environmental concerns of rare earth magnets. Iron Nitride means high magnetization, globally available commodity inputs, and less weight per unit of magnetic flux. An innovation in materials science, Clean Earth Magnets will be critical to securing our wind-powered future.

Wind Turbines Applications

Direct drive turbines

Hybrid / gearbox wind turbines

Onshore & offshore

Horizontal & vertical designs

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