Compact performance meets affordability in an environmentally friendly permanent magnet

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for Power Tools

Magnets put the “power” in power tools and are at the heart of the motors that drive construction professionals and hobbyists alike. However, for tool manufacturers, permanent magnet options have always been limited. Neodymium rare earth magnets come at a premium price to achieve compact, lightweight, and battery efficient designs. Ferrite offers a low cost but creates limitations on performance while making designs heavier and bulkier. Designers and contractors have been forced to choose between extremes.

Between 2020 and 2030, power tool consumption is expected to nearly double. Price and performance pressures are increasing in tandem. Environmental sustainability is entering conversations where it previously wasn’t a consideration. For rare earth magnets, geopolitical risk and supply competition from electric vehicles and wind turbines threatens shortages and promises cost increases. Today, the industry is challenged to find an innovative material that is low cost, environmentally sustainable, and has a stable procurement outlook.  

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made from Iron Nitride, enabling nextgeneration power tool designs using sustainable input materials. Its magnetic and material properties deliver high performance in a small package from a clean and stable supply chain, offering power tool manufacturers an alternative to the rising prices and volatility of rare earth magnets, without the compromise.

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