Performance meets affordability in an environmentally friendly permanent magnet alternative to neodymium and ferrite

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for Audio Speakers

For decades, speaker designers have been limited in their magnet material options. Neodymium comes at a high cost for the benefits of compact size, light weight, and performance. Ferrite offers a low cost, but with size / weight penalties and limits on performance. Designers have been forced to choose between extremes.

Today, speaker designers and manufacturers are challenged with rising neodymium prices, supply chain instability, and scrutiny of the environmental impact of rare earth materials. Rare earth magnet consumption for audio applications is expected to nearly double between 2020 and 2030. Within 5 years, rising magnet demand for electric vehicles and wind turbines is projected to drive shortages, putting neodymium speakers in a precarious position.

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made of Iron Nitride, based entirely on low-cost and sustainable input materials. It breaks the compromise between neodymium and ferrite, with magnetic and material properties that deliver driver performance from a clean, stable supply chain without the high cost.

Audio Applications

Smart speakers

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