Appliance performance, affordability, and sustainability with a permanent magnet alternative to neodymium and ferrite

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for Consumer Appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and washing machines define the modern household. Magnets are at the heart of the compressors, fans, and motors that drive these appliances. Today, manufacturers either pay a premium for the compact size and performance of neodymium rare earth magnets or use low-cost ferrite and work around performance limitations and bulky designs. Designers have been forced to choose between two extremes.

From 2020 to 2030, the consumption of rare earth magnets in consumer appliances is expected to surge, driven by the growth of the global middle class. In established markets, increasingly demanding consumers are seeking differentiated sustainability when making a purchase.

Consumer appliance manufacturers are challenged with meeting increasing demand while managing rising rare earth prices, scrutiny of rare earth environmental impact, and supply chain instability. Within 5 years, competition with electric vehicles and wind turbines for permanent magnets is projected to increase, driving shortages and even higher prices. 

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made from Iron Nitride, an innovative permanent magnet material based entirely on low-cost and sustainable input materials. Its magnetic and material properties deliver high magnetic flux from a clean and stable supply chain, offering appliance and component manufacturers an alternative to the rising prices and volatility of rare earth magnets, without the compromise. 

Consumer Appliances Applications



AC units

Washers and dryers




Vent hoods

Magnetocaloric chillers


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