Performance and efficiency meet affordability in an environmentally friendly permanent magnet alternative to neodymium and ferrite

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for HVAC

For decades, fan, blower, and compressor designers have been limited in their magnet options. Neodymium magnets are compact and offer high performance, but also face growing supply risk and are increasingly expensive. Ferrite is low cost but requires bulky designs and inherently offers lower performance. 

As efficiency becomes non-negotiable, customers are making the switch from induction motors to permanent magnet designs. Regulatory standards are coming into effect worldwide. For manufacturers, there is immense pressure to keep costs low while delivering high efficiency. 

Reliance on neodymium rare earth magnets is a major business and geopolitical risk. Within 5 years, rising magnet demand from electric vehicles and wind turbines is projected to drive shortages, promising fierce competition and even higher prices. Manufacturers need an alternative that can deliver.

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made from Iron Nitride, based entirely on low-cost and sustainable input materials. It breaks the compromise between neodymium and ferrite with magnetic and material properties that deliver temperature-stability, performance, and efficiency from a clean, stable supply chain without the high cost.

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