Rare earth free permanent magnets for the next-generation of vehicles

Alternative to Rare Earth Magnets for Automotive Drive and Accessory Motors

1 in 5 permanent magnets produced today is used in an automotive application. Today, rare earth magnets are the most widely used, but they pose many challenges: rising prices, supply chain instability, environmental impact, and long-term availability concerns. Ferrite is coming under scrutiny too as tightening fuel efficiency regulations and consumer range anxiety put weight reduction pressure on every component.

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption surges, these challenges intensify. Within 5 years, rising magnet demand from EVs, wind turbines, and other applications is projected to drive shortages, promising fierce competition and even higher prices. The chip shortage has shown that resilient supply chains are not a luxury, but a strategic necessity. OEMs and suppliers need an alternative.

Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet is made with Iron Nitride, enabling next-generation motor designs without the price, availability, and environmental concerns of rare earth magnets. Iron Nitride means high magnetization, globally available commodity inputs, and improved temperature stability without the use of heavy rare earth dopants. An innovation in materials science, Clean Earth Magnets promise to change the game for EVs, hybrids, and automotive components.

Automotive Applications

BEV, HEV, PHEV traction motors

Belt or integrated starter generators

Power seat, window, lock, mirror, and sunroof motors

Water pump motors

Power liftgate motors

Ignition coil motors

Cooling fans

Electric compressors

Electric brakes

Exhaust gas recirculation valves

Power tilt steering

Crank angle sensors

Windshield wiper motors

Other auto micromotors

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