Niron Magnetics is Recognized as One of America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 5, 2024 – Niron Magnetics, the company pioneering the world’s first high-performance, rare earth-free permanent magnets, today announced that it has been named one of America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024 by Time and Statista. The company was ranked #22 out of 250 companies.  

Niron was chosen from a pool of 4,600 candidate companies through a comprehensive research study conducted to identify the top companies in the United States that focus on developing and providing green technologies, products, or services that help mitigate or reverse the impact of human activities on the environment. This is the first year for this list, based on the research and analysis of candidate companies across three dimensions: Positive Environmental Impact, Financial Strength, and Innovation Drive. 

Late last year, Niron’s Clean Earth Magnet® technology was recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023. This new award strengthens the company’s position and commitment to offering eco-friendly solutions while addressing the pressing challenge of reducing reliance on scarce resources.  

“We are honored to be recognized as one of America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024. Niron embodies the urgency for sustainable alternatives to rare earth elements, addressing the critical need to diversify our material choices and reduce environmental impact,” said Jonathan Rowntree, CEO of Niron Magnetics. “As the world continues to struggle with climate change challenges, we are excited to be named one of the leading companies focused on looking for a solution.” 

With this latest recognition, Niron Magnetics joins the ranks of other prominent organizations dedicated to advancing green technology solutions. These include companies like Arcadia, ZeroAvia, 6K, and others, which also strive to create a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come. 

For more information on Niron Magnetics and its Clean Earth Magnet technology, please visit 

About Niron Magnetics 

Niron Magnetics is scaling the world’s first advanced manufacturing process for the mass production of permanent magnets powered by its breakthrough material formulation. Niron’s proprietary Clean Earth Magnet® technology based on Iron Nitride enables magnets that possess inherently high magnetization, are free of rare earths and other critical materials, and will enable a revolution in the design of new electric motors and generators. For more information on Niron Magnetics and its technology, please visit 

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Niron Magnetics is Recognized by TIME as One of America’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024


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